Mindful Journaling

Mindful Journaling

Wellbeing & self-connection

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.

William Wordsworth

Drop in & Journal Online

If you have attended one of my workshops, or have experience of mindfulness or journaling, you are welcome to join our wonderful online Drop In & Journal Sessions.

We begin with a warm welcome followed by a brief grounding exercise to take us into twenty minutes of journaling. You are then invited to share any reflections before the closing meditation/poetry reading. The sessions run for between 45 minutes to 1 hour.

It is a moment for self-care and self-connection in a friendly, supportive online space.

For availability, please contact me.


Jacqueline provides a warm, safe and accepting space in which to explore Journalling. Writing in real time with others is a very connecting and nurturing experience at a time which is very challenging for many people.  It has taken me a little while to get into doing it regularly on my own but I have already seen benefits from taking time out to do it.  I can wholeheartedly recommend Jacqueline’s Journalling workshops.” ~ Elena ~


Jacqueline’s journalling sessions are brilliant. Originally I planned to do one, more out of curiosity, as I journal a lot on my own anyway, but now I really want to do more and more. I seem to find peace, tranquillity and harmony within myself in each journalling session.

The music played while journalling is tailored to the theme, and each session feels calm and relaxed, and clearly well thought out. Every session I have attended so far has been fabulous – even when I experienced some resistance. It has opened up a whole new world to me!!

I absolutely love the preparation at the beginning of each session, and end to each session, which really adds to the Mindfulness of it all and leaves me with a warm glow. I genuinely look forward to each session.

4-week Mindful Journaling Online Workshop

Develop greater self-awareness and the ability to reflect on and manage your thoughts and emotions. Reduce stress and anxiety while connecting with others in a supportive online community.

My workshop combine mindfulness techniques and journaling to give you greater clarity, self-connection and peace.

The 4-week workshop covers:

  • Finding your flow – how to get past the blank page
  • Journaling and emotions – how to manage difficult emotions
  • Reading between the lines – what is your journal really telling you?
  • Setting goals and intentions – using your journal to shape your future

The workshop is held via Zoom.


It has been very worthwhile joining Jacqueline’s course on Mindful Journaling. I have found it to be insightful on many aspects and have appreciated learning from a knowledgeable friendly person in a relaxed manner.” ~ J.A.B. ~


“I highly recommend Jacqueline’s journaling course. I found the course enlightening, and my life is transformed as a result. Jacqueline has a gentle and welcoming mindfulness presence. She leads meditations, journaling sessions, and discussions in an atmosphere of friendship and collaborative discovery. 

Whether you are an experienced, or inexperienced, journaller, her drop-in sessions are comforting, connecting and stimulating. She really is a wonderful person to know. “

Kay Buckby, The Development Company

4-Week Workshop – coming soon

Contact me to book your place

Places are limited


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