Jacqueline Gammon:

  • BA Honours Degree in English Language & Literature
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education with over 20 years primary school teaching experience in the UK and Spain
  • Certified Mindfulness Teacher
  • Active member of Shamash Alidina’s Teach Mindfulness Community
  • Writer

Contact: jacqueline@gotomindfulness.com

My story

I began my mindfulness journey with an 8-week mindfulness course in Barcelona, and later certified as a mindfulness teacher with the wonderful Shamash Alidina, the bestselling author of Mindfulness for Dummies.

It is a pleasure to combine my teaching skills, mindfulness teaching and life-long love of writing to help others find greater self-connection and wellbeing. Mindfulness and journalling have made such a difference in my own life and I enjoy watching others discover their benefits.

I am a co-author of Mindfulness for Transformation: A Collection of Stories for Compassion, Courage and Community, where you can read more about my own experience of mindfulness.

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