Why I journal


I’ve held off writing a blog until now. Why? Because it means opening up and sharing my experience. However, over the past few years as I’ve been leading online mindfulness groups and courses, I have found that my thinking around this has shifted. Why? Because great things happen when people open up and share with authenticity. With this sharing comes a mutual exchange of wisdom that leads to healing, increased confidence, and an inner energy that drives us forward to live our lives in alignment with our values.

So, I’ll start by sharing why I journal…

I journal to make sense of my thoughts, feelings, and experiences. I journal to make sense of my world. I journal to connect to my inner self. My journal is my confidante and helps me to gain perspective by taking a step back from it all. Through my journal I gain insight, reconnect with my inner truth and values, and take more informed decisions and actions in alignment with those values.

In the moments when issues are going round and round my mind my journal is my outlet. I pour out everything onto the page and empty my mind. It is an unburdening. A transference of all that is in my mind.

My journal helps me to see patterns in my life, recurrent problems, heightens awareness and in doing so allows me to see what is going on. I find that it is like looking at the whole painting of my life, stepping back to view it objectively rather than placing my focus on one brush stroke that makes no meaning unless I can see how it connects to the brush strokes beside it and to the whole painting.

In moments of loneliness my journal has been my friend. In moment of overwhelm it has been my dump. In moments of doubt, it has been my cheerleader, urging me on, knowing that there is a direction I need to follow in alignment with my values.

My wish for you is that you too will make the space to reconnect with your true self, to discover how to live a life in alignment with your values. To live your truth. To live a rich and meaningful life. The answers are all within you, but you need to dive deep to connect and find them.

I would like to invite you to drop into this space regularly. As well as my own insights about journalling I’ll be sharing:

  • Tips for you to apply instantly to your own journalling practice
  • What science has to say about journalling, mindfulness, and ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy/Training
  • Tips and inspiration for your own journal
  • Guest posts
  • Resources
  • Offers
  • And lots more!

So come back and join me! Meanwhile I’d love to hear where you are on your own journalling journey. Why do you journal? Or why would you like to start journalling? Take a small step out of your comfort zone by sharing in the comments box below.


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2 thoughts on “Why I journal

  1. Best of luck with the new blog! I’ll check in for journaling inspiration. I’ve journaled for ages but haven’t succeeded in doing it weekly, let alone daily.

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