Improve your wellbeing by tapping into your inner wisdom and living a life you love.

Journalling gives us the chance to connect to ourselves by exploring our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. What do we really care about? How do we want to live this one precious life? Only when we know the answers can we take the best action to live a life we love.Jacqueline Gammon


The power of the internet to bring people together from across the globe still amazes me, and I have met some wonderfully wise souls through my courses and workshops.

I’ve been joined by other midlife women and mindfulness practitioners who are curious about journalling their way to their inner selves.

If you’re curious about mindful journalling then you’re welcome to book a chat to find out more. Or, sign up below and I’ll let you know when new course dates/events are released.

Best wishes, Jacqueline



Mindful Journalling for Beginners


4-week Course

Mindful Journalling with ACT

Oct 2023

6-week course

One-to-One Coaching Sessions

June 2023

Flexible dates


Online – Monday 26th June 2023 at 7pm (UK)

A seasonal Drop in and Journal session to connect with the season, ourselves, and each other for wellbeing.